Getting in Shape

Top 10 reasons your body is not changing

I se this post after post. I personally can say I have fallen victim to many of these even understanding the science of our anatomy and nutrition
1 your success is conducted 80% in the kitchen
2 There is no such thing a spot reducing
3 muscle weighs 2/3 more than fat and in comparison takes 1/3 the volume (ex 2 oz shot glass of muscle= 1 8oz glass of fat
4 the scale is bad
5 Portion control is what matters, no need to count calories
6 protein needs to be included in every meal and snack that is your fuel
7 sugar can ONLY be converted to FAT also carbs, if not consumed at the proper time will be stored as fat
8 heavy weight training is your best friend, you don't have the testerone to get big like a man. But you will get strong;) think of your mucsle as engines, the harder you work then the faster they burn gas, fat
9 cardio is to be done after you lift weights, your glycogen stores will be empty and have nothing more to burn but fat
10 processed foods are bad! Shop the perimeter of the store
I am posting this because I see so many brides desperate to loose it now, well you have to be willing to do the work feel free to ask questions I am a off season figure competitor that let things get WAY out of hand and am getting married in 43 days and not comfortable with my body image
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