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  • I'd say the "strangest thing" that I do is I'm really obsessive about not eating a lot of salt on my foods. I've reached the point where I actually rinse off canned beans and even salt on nuts. (this isn't strange) but I'm trying to eat less unprocessed foods too. 

    So breakfast I will make up a smoothie: strawberries, banana, peaches, pineapple, and mangos; and have a serving of fat free cottage cheese (higher in protein than an egg).  Lunch I will eat a bowl of veggies with beans (black beans, kidney beans), and a handful (or a couple handfuls) of nuts (rinsed off of 

    Supper is where I struggle, my goal: yogurt, V8, veggies. But I get off work at 9pm, and I get real hungry, and sometimes I tend to grab carbs-but I know if I don't, the weight comes right off.. I've lost 8 lbs in 3-4 weeks. (4 years ago a lost 20 lbs, and just within the last year I've gained about 15 lbs- but about 90% of it being muscle). 
  • This isn't that strange, but I SWEAR by Weight Watchers' online service.  They teach you how to make smarter choices without giving up the foods you love.  Try switching to black beans instead of refried beans, 2% cheese, and lots of whole grains.  Also, I eat a bunch of fiber everyday.  I rarely exercise and my diet requires relatively no sacrifice and I lost 15lbs in 2 months!  Not to mention it is SUPER easy to keep up with.  Lets all be honest, if it requires a lot of sacrifice, you aren't likely to maintain it past the wedding...if you last that long!
  • only drinking meal supplement shakes. Lets just say it makes you full but you wont lose any weight.

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    Zumba is a great class to take. I'm entering my second month and I've already lost 10 lbs! Its a mixture of dance & fitness. A joy to take!
  • I've taken some pretty extreme measures to lose weight...which just made me gain it all back when I finished whatever fad diet I was on.
    This might sound strange, but I lost 40 pounds by just playing soccer 3 nights a week. I was so busy that I mostly ate fast food. I didn't change a thing besides playing soccer. I stepped on the scale and saw I had lost 40 pounds and almost fainted! Cheeseburgers and fries it is for me! Wink
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    [QUOTE]I have been trying to do the "lemonade diet" which is kind of a "cleanse" also.  I don't do it for days at a time, just like half a day at a time.  You take 14 oz of water and squeeze a whole lemon into it, then add grade B maple syrup and a TINY dash of cayanne pepper.  Mix and drink.  It really does take away your hunger.
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    You will gain back every pound you loose on the lemonade diet. It's not really "kind of a cleanse" as that is what it's purpose is - to cleanse you, not to help you effectively loose weight.

    Anyway, if you really want to manage your weight, give up all animal products. Basically, become a vegan. I've been a vegetarian for about 12 years now and off and on I'll switch to eating vegan meals. I've been on it again for about a month and feel AMAZING. You don't count calories, you eat when you're hungry, and you can eat TONS of penut butter!

    Anyway, it's really not as hard as it sounds either. I hope this link works: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> If not, google "The 30 Minute Vegan." It has the best recipes in it ever. Easy to make too. There are some ingredients that may seem "weird" at first, but it's all natural, plant-based delicious wholesome . . . I could go on. Also, if you've ever thought about even just going vegetarian, but decided not to because someone told you you won't get enough protein, that is TOTAL BS.

    And for more entertaining reading, try <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> if you haven't read it already. When I first tried to stick with eating vegan, I tried to be as strict as the authors of Skinny Bitch (aka no alcohol and no coffee) That did not work for me, but just giving up the animal products in general makes all the difference

    Anyway, just my two cents!
  • Instead of eating lunch, I go to Caribou Coffee and order a Northern Lite Caramel Cooler - it tastes soooo good and is only 90 calories! I also drink tons of diet pop throughout the work day, so that way all I end up eating is my cereal in the morning and a regular dinner at night.
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    Hey guys - I really wanted to share this website with you all. I have a friend from way way back that gained a ton of weight in college and then decided to live a full, healthy, balanced life. She has dropped all the weight and just become a certified nutritionist & wellness consultant. Her blog is filled with tips and the TRUTH behind really living a healthy life so we can all stop scrambling to lose it FAST and then - as we all i'm sure know - gain it back b/c we're not consistent and making long-term sustainable decisions.

    Anywho, for those who are interested, I really wanted to share it. She has an AMAZING voice and really grabs you in her writing. She is genuine since she has taken a long weight loss journey of her own.

    Hope some of you find this helpful and inspiring!
  • swimming at 7am before work every day was the weirdest thing i ever did to loose weight, getting up and going out in the dark in the winter wasn't safe so my FI bought me fitness video games to do at home when i can't go out.
    Now i am on 1200 to 1500 calories a day, 3 meals and 2 snacks, lots of water, walking lots and i'm dropping about 4 pounds a week, i've got 20 weeks till my dress fitting so i'm on target.
    My FI has a bit more than me to loose and he is currently on a mainly liquid diet,
    he has breakfast cereal then spends the rest of the day on slimming shakes, smoothies, water, yogurts.
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    i went on a well-balanced vegan diet!  i feel great!
  • I didn't believe that the Wii Fit would work but I'll tell you, 30 days on the board with a combo of running twice a week and doing the Wii Active game (the one with the leg strap), I have never seen so sore in my life. And I've never been so happy with my back either! I used to think it was a joke but after 10 mins of invisible hula-hooping I was not only winded but TOTALLY sore. I think that's a sign that it works .
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    not suggested, didn't do it on purpose!, but here's what I did - broke my foot and had to have surgery!!! required to be off my foot totally for 8+ weeks.  Here's how it works -  walk less, therefore shop less, stand less - cook less, ...therefore eat less...voila!  Then get so behind schedule with wedding planning that I don't have time to eat!  I am at my lowest weight in years (I am petite, was not overweight before, maybe could just lose 3-5, but now I am down about 10lbs but also suffered some muscle atrophy & loss of muscle tone which I will not likely be able to regain 100% in the 5 weeks I have left (?) .  First dress fitting will be VERY interesting.

    Also agree with other posts - preportioned meals are KEY (thats what I had since I wasn't cooking myself).   also dressong on the side!
  • OMG It is not crazy at all to me!! My wedding is 7-11-2010 and I got 25 lbs to lose too! Thats 15 per month! Low carbs works for me so good luck on ur 15 more lbs!!!
  • I'm doing the master cleanser diet, which is a 10 day fast that cleans out your body systems of toxins and toxins are stored in fat.  Someone mentioned something similar. You can google it and find instructions, but it really is a great fast.  The drink fills you up and gives you energy, meanwhiel you clean out your colon.  So far in 5 days I've lost 5 pounds and my FI has lost 10 pounds in the 5 days (ugh, men).  I also have an ulcer and this fast was developed to heal ulcers, and I have not had one episode of pain or reflux since starting! I'm feeling so much better already!  Good luck!
  • My roommate (who happens to be one of the groomsmen) is really into being healthy.  He got me on this diet where I've cut all dairy, most carbs (good carbs are in), almost all sugar and processed foods.  Oh, also red meat and pork are out.  I've lost 39 pounds without exercise with this diet.

    Steel-cut oats Oatmeal, a banana and a cup of green tea

    Tofurkey and mustard (a brown mustard, not the yellow/neon yellow kind)

    Grilled chicken seasoned with the 21 seasonings from Trader Joe's and olive oil
    and mixed veggies (my favorite to make is mushrooms, zucchini and spinach) also grilled with olive oil


    Tofu (pan cooked in olive oil and sea salt) and broccoli


    Shrimp and some veggie


    veggie omelette (I use whole egg and 2 egg whites)

    rice cakes with Smart Balance peanut butter,
    not good but I have it on occasion anyways, Cliffbar (should not have more than 1 every few days)
    raw almonds

    If I get hungry after dinner, I'm only allowed to eat a bowl of Trader Joe's Joe's O's with almond milk.

    When I eat out, I make sure the food is cooked with olive oil and not canola oil, no sauces and I try to get more veggies instead of the carb they offer.

    You can have fish, I just don't usually make it.  Wild Salmon is best.

    I started this diet back at the end of January and I seriously lost 39 pounds without having to workout.  But I'm trying to get into the habit of working out to get rid of the rest of the weight and to tone up.
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  • FYI- craving ice is a sign of anemia. I craved ice for years and ate it several times a day and then when I finally got around to having my blood work done, the lab results showed I was severely anemic. Apparently ice cravings is a symptom of anemia. Once I got my iron levels up I no longer had the cravings. Anyway, you might want to get that looked at.
  • Athough its not very strange, I picked up boxing. I go through a 40 minutes boxing routine 6 or 7 days a week and I eat a very low fat version of the weightwatchers point system diet. I have been working out and eating right since January and have lost 40 lbs.
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    Marathon training! It sounds gruelling, and it is, but once i got past the first few weeks i was totally addicted to running! I've lost 15 lbs and my sister has lost 30 lbs! The Non-runners guide to running a marathon for women is a great book, and very funny! invest in a good pair of running shoes and hit the pavement!
  • I joined  It's wonderful and helped me track my calories with lots of online support.
  • I guess this is kind of strange. If I know I'm going somewhere where there will be tempting snacks, I'll pop a piece of gum in my mouth. The mint taste makes me less in the mood for dessert.
  • Eat an apple or banana before each meal, walking for an hour everyday (split into 2 half hour periods), eating lots more fiber (which is partly where the apple or banana before a meal comes in).

    Also, don't do a "fast" or a "cleanse" to lose weight. It's not healthy to do only that (ie a cleanse and then don't eat anything)...and you will just gain the weight back.

    All you have to do is exercise, watch your portions and try to eat better things.

    Also, for those who don't have time to exercise, check out It will show you different things you can do during your workday.
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    it's completely true that most of the time that people think they are hungry, they are actually thirsty.  but i wanted to just mention to you that often times, cravings for things that are nutritionally void (ice) can sometimes be a slight indicator that the person has a deficiency in some mineral.  if it gets way out of hand (which it doesn't sound like in your case), it can develop into pica.  just something to keep in mind.  my future sister-in-law would always chew ice, but stopped craving it once she started eating meat again and her iron went up.  
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    i have to get started on some kind of diet.. but i did this once. Just cut down on bread and switch to whole grain foods instead. eat breakfast the same time everyday. and with every meal you eat have a grapefruit or grapefruit juice, and i drank coffee alot. this is probably not the best thing to do for your stomach with all the acidity of grapefruits and coffee but it worked FAST and was very effective, i lost 20 pounds in a month and a half! i wouldnt recomend it now though, unless you want acid reflux. oh, and i drank lots of water, and chewing ice when i was hungry helped
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