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Getting in Shape

Food or exercise suggestions....

So I've been doing P90X for a few weeks, and I'm seeing results all over, which is great, I'm really motivated by what I see in my body.
EXCEPT my abs.  I do the ab ripper workouts (and as recommended, I don't do them every day) but I am seeing NO change at all in my belly. I constantly look bloated and not really toned.  I was working out before and didn't see any change, that's why I switched to P90X. 
I'm not looking for a 6 pack, but I would like to see some flatness before I try on dresses (and honestly, just to look better in clothes and bathing suits....vain, I know, but if I can see changes everywhere else, I'd like my tummy to catch up).
Any suggestions on foods that are good for reducing bloating or exercises that are good for additional ab work?
Not looking to go overboard, and I thought some suggestions would help.
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