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Toning up?

Hey everyone!!

I'm a May '10 bride in need of a little fitness advice. Last week, I got to try on my gown for the first time! It fit perfectly!! My problem is that I would like to tone up some key areas before my big day, but am worried about losing too much weight while getting in shape.

I'm a petite girl, 5'2', with curves. My dress shows off my curves in a good way, but I'd like to get rid of some excess belly fat and would like to trim down my arms.

So, I guess the question becomes, what balance of cadio vs. weight training do I need to maintain, yet tone?

I'm not much of a exercise guru, so I hope this makes sense....


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Re: Toning up?

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    I would honestly do more weights, heavy weights, and a moderate amount of cardio (30 min 3-4 days a week?). You might see your weight go up but you will notice a change in your body.

    I would suggest lots of pushups, tricep dips, ab workouts (sit ups, planks, etc), if you can pick up some free weights for at home I would shoot for 5-15lbs so you have room to move up.

    I found this resourse and I really like it, it will show you what workout to do for different body parts.
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