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MIC B6 & B12 Injections

Hello Healthy Ladies :)

I am wondering if any of you have had, or heard of, MIC B6 & B12 injections? One of my girlfriends wants me to go through a series of these with her, but I am very hesitant to put anything in my body that I'm not really familiar with. I tried to research it online, but only found endorsements from companies who provide this service.

I already eat well, am currently going to "bootcamp" four days a week, and walk my dog for 31/2 miles three to four nights a week. Unfortunately, I just can't kick a couple of soft pounds.

So... does this sound like an okay solution for someone who just needs to loose five stubborn pounds?
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Re: MIC B6 & B12 Injections

  • I think this sounds like a really dumb idea. You are right for not wanting to inject something you don't know much about into your body. If you are interested in vitamin B, as your pharmacist about taking it orally as a vitamin. It sounds like you are exercising enough, but how is your diet? There is where the last few pounds probably lie.
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