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Thursday Accountability...

Friday is almost here ladies...we can do this.....
B-  1 white, 1 whole egg, light wheat toast, 1/2 slice cheese, coffee
S- ff cottage cheese with pineapple
L- huge salad with feta and balsamic......didn't get to grab a protein though.....
D- pork tenderloin filet with veggies and brown rice...

E- Im still super sore but really want to go to my kickboxing class tonight....lots of water and advil today and we will see how I feel later.

Re: Thursday Accountability...

  • I cannot wait for this week to be over!!!

    b-cereal, coffee, skim milk
    l-chobani and an apple.
    d-leftover chili

    e-60 minutes elliptical.
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  • Jennabob, your first sentence was exactly what I was thinking when I clicked into this post. :)

    B: coffee with almond milk
    S: protein shake with frozen banana, ice, protein powder, and almond milk
    L: taco salad, watermelon
    D: hm veggie/lentil/bean soup, some sort of fruit
    S: oatmeal with unfrozen mixed berries

    E: BL Cardio Max and walking to the grocery store (and carrying way too much stuff back, I'm sure)
  • Morning all! Pushed my knee a little too hard yesterday, so hoping to get some sort of workout in.

    B - strawberry pineapple shake w/ vanilla whey protein powder
    L - spaghetti squash w/ red/green peppers, onions, Boca crumbles and broccoli cheddar side
    S - banana
    E - 1 hr. body pump class if my knee feels better; if not, possibly a rest day
    D - meatloaf w/ broc ched side and maybe brown rice?
    S - TBD based on my workout
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  • Morning!

    B- eggs, toast, coffee
    S- baby carrots
    L- either a sandwich or a salad
    S- greek yogurt w/ bran
    D- TBD

    E- 3 mile walk during lunch, 60 min zumba class tonight
  • Today is H's birthday, so eating may be a little unpredictable and/or a splurge, depending on where he wants to go for dinner! I'm making his cake for this weekend (which is when we are celebrating with friends) instead of today, so at least the splurge is being broken up a little.

    B- Biscotti Thins
    S- Yogurt
    L- Wrap with grilled veggies, black beans, and a little cheese
    S- Multigrain crackers with LC Lite, cinnamon applesauce
    D- ??  Out to eat, busband's choice!
    S- Maybe share a dessert? He is not a dessert guy, though, so maybe not.

    E- 1 hour weight lifting class

  • B: toasted thinwich with a tiny bit of butter and 2 slices of turkey
    S: apple & peanut butter
    L: HM yakisoba noodles & chinese broccoli
    S: ww vanilla shake
    D: ??? meeting for dinner with our wedding photographer so who knows what I will have.

    E: 60 minutes of zumba or 30DS
  • B - banana, peanut butter and chocolate protein powder shake
    S - apple slices
    L - roasted tofu, brown rice balls, light peanut sauce
    S - hummus and whole wheat pita
    D - TBD, possibly a bahn mi on my way to class
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  • B- Plain Bagel
    S-Strawberry yoplait Yougurt
    L- 2 drumsticks, mashed potatoes,chips, salsa, 2 tortillas,with water  =( we had a company luncheon)
    S-Apple (I have it ready for later)
    D- TBD (thinking salad since I had a big lunch)

    E: 30 min on elliptical and possible weight lifting
  • B- oatmeal with brown sugar and walnuts
    L- Chicken and 2 cuts of cheese
    D- pancakes and low sodium bacon.... verrryy bad I know :(

    E- 1st day of the 30 day shred... ouucch
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