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It is super easy....just go to honeymoonwishes.com or any other site you want to use. Then type up a brief thank you (for the top of your page). The site has a million activites to choose from or you can make your own. Decide the numerical amount you want and then you decide how to divide it. Like you want 10 $20.00 gifts to take snorkeling...if all 10 gifts are bought then you have $200.00 towards snorkeling.

To me it is a lot better than saying you want $200.00 b/c most people can't give that much. I have gifts ranging for almost every amount, from $10.00 - $200.00

Some people just collect all of the money and use it for whatever (there is no resriction how you use it) but everyone gift I chose I want to do. It seems kind of weird for someone to buy me a helicopter ride, then ask how it was and have to say...oh well I didn't do that.

There is a 7% service fee for each purchase. You can chose to pay it from the total once you collect or each guest can pay it. I chose the guest to pay it....it is basically the same thing as sales tax (even a little cheaper)

You can collect money any time you want or if you wait the close it a week after your wedding and then mail you the check :) 

Everyone I know has had only positive things to say about it...some have even donated so far. Most said they would once it gets closer.


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