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Getting in Shape

planning on losing some, but happy w/ size. how to deal with....

Rude people who find it a must to ask questions or make statements.  Im talking about   "are u working out?"  "how much do u plan on losing?"  "so that's why ur wearing a corset" 

At some point or another Ive had these kind of questions.  I'll admit I am wut america classifies as overweight, in fact according to BMI, Im obese.  Im not ashamed to say Im a size 14, with a flabby belly.  I  know I need to work out more than the 2 or 3 days a wk routine(i go to curves, love it there).  I know I dont always eat healthy, and I want to look great for my wedding.  But here's the facts:  Dear Boo loves me for everything I am, and everything im not. He loves my body, he doesnt mind my "fluffy" stomach at all. He himself is a bulky size, mix of marine muscle and beer belly. But we both love each other just as we are.

So why on the beautiful earth does anyone think they have the right to comment on my weight? 
SO what if Im not a skinny model, I love my curves! 
So what if Im bigger than you, the dress is meant to fit ME(literally, im making my own dress - corset and skirt sewng)
So what if I like my junk foods, oh come on like you've never snuck in a snickers!

These are comments I'd love to comeback with, but I bite my tongue.  But really should I tell them to mind their own business or just ignore it?
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