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Tips from you WW girls

Each morning you do a WW accountability.... I guess my question is do you set a meal plan out for the whole week on a certain day?  I am extremely busy... I work 12 hour shifts not getting home until after 8 pm. I have class 3 days a week to with million hours of paperwork (Thank goodness I only have 1 more semester after this of school) Since I don't get out of work til late I usually don't eat dinner until after 8, and really there isn't a way to change it sinc eI don't get a dinner break usually at the hospital. Any Tips would be appreciated! TIA!

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    Most of the girls don't plan meals a week in advance, I don't think. I do, and I find it saves me so much time and money as my week plays out.
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    I plan out my whole week of breakfast and lunch, but for dinner I try to at least plan a day ahead, or know what I will be cooking when I get home. For WW at least, if you don't plan out your day of food, you can unknowingly get to dinner and not have any points left! It's a great way to stay on track and not get frustrated once you get home from work and not know what to cook. That's when fast food starts looking too good and easy. GL!

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    I only go grocery shopping once each week-I've found it saves a lot of time and money.  So I figure out 5 dinners for the week and get what I need for those as well as some breakfast and lunch basics.  I try to have leftovers for lunch, but sometimes it's a lean cuisine or pasta bowl.  So each day isn't necessarily planned in advance but I have all the meals there to mix and match throughout the week.
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    Planning it out a day or two ahead helps... if you have a plan you are less likely to grab fast food or something unhealthy just because you are hungry and you don't have anything on hand.
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