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Running out of time,,,please help!

Hi everyone,
My wedding is in February and I  am trying to get rid of some lbs before the wedding...
Any diet ideas?
I need help asap! I refuse to try wedding dresses until I get rid of the pounds and I feel like I'm running out of time.
Will love to hear what you all are doing...

Re: Running out of time,,,please help!

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    You need to get a wedding dress!!! It can always be taken in! Do you exercise? I joined a gym and started going consistently to start losing weight and get healthy in general.
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    I do exercise but I've been so stressed out lately that all I crave is junk food. I know I have to get a dress...OMG!
    Thank you!!!!
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    To lose weight, I would do plenty of cardio, running, jumping rope, elliptical machine. You need to burn the fat off. As for eating, watch your eating habits, if you drink a glass of water before your meal, you will feel full and probably not finish your whole meal, try eating healthy snacks through out the day (fruits, vegetables) to keep you feeling full, if you don't have fresh fruit, use canned fruit as alternative, they contain fruit syrup but better than a Big Mac. If you don't exercise and just want to eat eat eat, you won't lose the weight.

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    Also, if you drink coca-cola, quit now. Drink lots of water instead, you will see results i promise

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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Running out of time,,,please help!</a>:
    [QUOTE]Also, if you drink coca-cola, quit now. Drink lots of water instead, you will see results i promise
    Posted by loop0406[/QUOTE]

    Likewise, if you drink coffee with tons of sugar and creamer in it (like I used to), switch to tea with nothing in it. The taste is a little bland, but there's plenty of caffeine and no calories
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    When you say "tea with nothing in it" do you mean no sugar either?

    I am an avid coffe drinker and stop at the gas station every morning on my way to work for a 20oz coffee with 4 french vanilla creamers and some sweet n low.  I have found that if I skip this step in my day, I cannot make it, I just get too groggy.  But I can't stand the taste of unsweetened tea.
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