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How did you stop?

I know a lot of y'all have really healthy attitudes towards the scale.  I am obsessed with the number I see and little fluctutations in weight really bother me.  I would love to be less affected by that little digital number, but HOW do I make that happen?  I stopped weighing myself every day, but that has only made it worse because now if my weight is up on the day I weigh myself, I worry about it for the next 3 or 4 days.  Please, tell me how you changed your attitude!

Re: How did you stop?

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    This probably wouldn't work for most people, but I don't own a scale :)
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    You need to realize that it's only a number.  That, and as long as the general trend is downward (or upwards if you need to gain) then all is well.
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    I am obsessed with my scale too (it was expensive, needs to be used, right?) :)

    Here's what I have been doing to get out of the mental rut though: 

    I think there's a lot of truth in what Greenglass has to say. My counseling professors used to give us assignments to journal and I was really reluctant at first, but cheesy as they may be (at least to me), they actually helped. Daily Plate has a journaling section that I often use.

    You could also come up with a list of advantages from working out and eating right besides losing weight. For example, clearer skin, stronger immune system, stronger muscles, and more energy and focus on these. Also, set some workout goals for yourself and measure by those: doing your first pull up, a straight set of 20 push ups, running a 1/2 marathon. Know that your body, despite whatever it weighs, would not have been able to do these things had you not worked so hard to get there. 

    So maybe ditch the scale for a few weeks and start tape measures too. I just started those and am more pleased with the results. 

    Hope this helps!

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    [QUOTE]This probably wouldn't work for most people, but I don't own a scale :)
    Posted by cac847[/QUOTE]


    I purposely don't own a scale for this very reason. Now, I weigh myself maybe once per week at the gym, if that. Also, keep in mind that scales differ. For instance, the scale in my office (we're responsible for doing bi-annual weigh-ins for our employees since we're military) is calibrated perfectly, the scale in the gym downstairs (not the gym I normally go to) is about 5lbs off.

    I think it helps if you redirect your focus to how your clothes are fitting on you than the number on the scale. That's a far more accurate gauge of how well you're doing as far as weigh-loss/gain goes, since you know what your goals were when you started.
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    I'm slowly trying to break out of my obsession.  Honestly, reaching my goal weight range helped.  Now i'm trying to eat intuitively and I've set other fitness goals for myself.  My first 5K is this weekend, and I'm training for a half marathon in June.  Doing that keeps me focused on other measures of fitness.

    I'm afraid of gaining weight back, which has made it hard to stop weighing myself every day.  What's helped me is to set weight limits.  I have a 5lb range which I consider my "goal range". If I go 5lb above the upper limit of that range, then I'll start tracking calories again to try and get myself back on track. Because I have a "back-up" plan in place, I'm less worried about fluctuations week to week.
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    I actually don't own a scale either.  I use the one at the gym.  I am perfectly healthy... I'm towards the lower end of the healthy weight range for my height, I run (my next half marathon is on Saturday!) and I'm generally a pretty happy person.  It's just like this stupid number bothers me because it's one concrete thing that I can point to and say I want this to = x.  (I also do this with finish times in races)  Maybe I'm just ocd...

    Anyway, I really admire all y'all who have been able to say that the number doesnt matter to you as long as you're healthy.  Maybe someday I'll get there :)
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    I admit - the number matters to me and I do obsess over it from time to time. The one thing that has saved me from going crazy over it is graphing it. I've been graphing my daily weigh-ins on since I started getting serious about all of this on January 7th.

    Seeing my results in graph form is very motivating, because it's easier to see that I'm clearly headed in the right direction, despite the little frustrations I might experience some days.

    Not weighing daily isn't an option for me. If I don't, I won't be motivated to eat well that day, and like you, I'll spend the next few days unable to think about anything else. If I weigh each morning I have a minute or two of applauding myself or commiserating, but then I don't usually think about it for the rest of the day. If I do find myself thinking about it, I just take a quick look at my graph.

    If you're a visual person as I am, I would highly recommend graphing your daily number.
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    I got a scale that tracks my weight over time and displays a simple bar graph of my weight trend.  I used to weigh myself every day, until I noticed that it wrecked the exciting downward trend in the bar graph -- due to water weight and the normal, daily fluctuations, I kept getting "blips" of higher and lower weight that didn't reflect my true progress.  Now I weigh myself once per week and, for the most part, keep the tidy, stair-step graph. 

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