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So much for going to the gym...

I caught someone's cold and I can barely walk to the break room to get water. Hopefully its not the swine flu... its going around bad here. Ugh I hate being sick and I was actually starting to make progress with my cardio but no running for me probably for the next couple/few days. Frown
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Re: So much for going to the gym...

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    Keep eating right in the meantime (whenever possible), stay hydrated and get lots of rest. Not working out for a week wont kill you, you just have to balance everything out to compensate! Feel better.
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    Hope you feel better soon, being sick sucks!
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    If it is swine flu be sure you get to the doctor ASAP!! I had it a few weeks ago and it knocked me on my ass for a while. If you try to work out while you are sick, your body can't recover and you'll be sick for longer. Just take it easy, eat as healthy as possible and load up on vitamin-C rich foods (like oranges and tomatoes) and drink boat loads of water!

    I know it sucks to be sick! Feel better!! :)
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