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Starting a blog for my weight loss

Like the thread title says, I'm starting a blog for my weight loss.  Without being all stalker creepy and going through everyone's sigs to find links, has anyone else done this? Do you find it has helped? Any overwhelming reasons you can think of not to do this?

I worry about it coming off to LJ-ish, but I think it'll be good to write about stuff and kind of track my successes and even my failures. I don't really care that it's public because I don't intend to use my real name or info and I don't expect much of a readership (if any). 

I used to write in an actual paper journal, but sitting down and typing stuff out and being able to post pictures and clips where I can easily access them seems appealing. 

Thoughts? Ideas on things I should put in it to make it more interesting? Etc.

Thanks ladies :)
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