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Tuesday accountability

Good morning.  I have a busy day today.  Me FMIL and ex FSIL are going dress shopping for a dress for FMIL and I'm looking for shoes and a dress for my rehersal dinner.  Then tonight we are going to see New Moon.  I'm so excited.
b-2 hard boiled egg whites, apple

s-apple with natural peanut butter

l-eating out probably a turkey burger on wheat and salad or veggie

s-EAS carb control bar

d-eating out again I think sushi whatever it is I'll make a healthy choice

e-ran 2 miles this morning

Re: Tuesday accountability

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    Hello, I am new, but I have seen these accountability posts and I think it is just what I need!  I am assuming I just add on to yours, not start my own, right?  Here it goes!

    B- Banana and 2 cups of coffee with cream
    L- 6inch Chicken sandwich from subway, no cheese, no mayo
    S- Light yoplait yogert (yummy) and probably another cup of coffee
    D- Not sure yet, probably a salad with chicken or a grilled chicken breast
    E- I am hoping my Jillian Michael's 30 day shred will be in the mail when I get home so I can do that!
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    angela-I think I am going to New Moon tonight too!  I can't wait!

    b-light english muffin w/PB, 1/2 banana, coffee
    s-clementine, fiber one bar
    l-leftover pulled pork and steamed veggies, greek yogurt, pear
    s-either something at the movies if we go (I will sneak in something reasonable...) or a skinny cow ice cream sandwich

    e-week 2 day 2 p90x lean (cardio X)

    BFP 5/2/11, missed m/c, D&C 6/13/11
    BFP 12/8/11--Little Girl E Born 8/22/12
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