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P90 a prerequisite to P90X?

One of my friends told me that if I didn't start with P90 (before P90X) I wouldn't be able to finish it. Is that true? I thought people could just start the X program straight off the bat.

I work out 6 days a week with some strength training and a lot of cardio. I know there's been a ton of posts about this, but I'd appreciate some info! TIA

Re: P90 a prerequisite to P90X?

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    You need a pull up bar or resistance band and weights. Not sure what else. I'm not fit enough to try it yet, but I know you need more equipment than you do for 30DS. Yoga mat and blocks, too.

    I've heard it is just like another component in the system. Better than P90, they say. Like there are more options. I don't think it is necessarily component 2.
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