July 2012 Weddings


I woke up this morning with what I refer to as an "allergy attack" and now I'm all stuffy and sound terrible. I've been loaded up on meds for the day and they're wearing off... and I'm at work. Yippee-yi-yay.

Why am I complaining? We have engagement pictures Wednesday and I don't want a swollen sinus face picture of myself. FI will always look good :);)... but I'm just a wee bit irritated.

On a happier note, I'm happy that our e-pics are finally coming up! I remember booking the appointment MONTHS ago!

I have no idea what to wear or what FI will wear (he asked me earlier today to pick out his outift so he wouldn't look silly [aww!!]) and I'm sort of at a loss. There is a chance of rain Wednesday and the weather is constantly changing in MI so I don't even want to pick anything out yet!

I'm thinking of stopping at Hobby Lobby on Monday to pick up some of the cheap canvases and some acrylic paint to do a "save-the-date" picture. I saw this when looking at some pictures earlier and thought it was a cute idea. :)
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