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This is a copy & paste from E, but I thought you ladies could help me out too

Has anyone ever done hot yoga? Thoughts? There's a center here that I'm contemplating checking out, but it's a bit pricey. Just wanted to get some oppinions before I go try a class. For those of you that like it, have you lost weight? I know yoga's meant more to increase flexibility and build long, lean muscle, but some weight loss would be nice too...

Re: Yoga ladies

  • I love hot yoga.  I'm rather indifferent to the Bikram style though.  When I've worn my heart rate monitor, I burn about 350 calories an hour doing yoga, which is less than other workouts but not too shabby. 

    Lots of centers offer either free first classes or very inexpensive ones, which is also good because you should be able to meet the instructor beforehand and talk about any injuries or get tips.  Most studios offer community class every week that's free or donation-based so you should be able to check it out on the cheap! 
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  • I've tried hot yoga and I loved it because you really feel like you're getting an insane workout because you sweat so muc. However I've had breathing problems since I was a child and so I felt like death half way through because the air is so thick (or maybe it just felt that way to me), and I couldn't catch my breath.
    I'd love to continue doing it but it's too hard for me to breathe. Everyone else in the room seemed fine so I'm sure you'll have no problem. I can't say about the weight loss, since I couldn't continue doing it, but I just wanted to say I really liked it (when I could get enough oxygen haha).
  • I am actually going to my first class tomorrow!!! I am really excited. I will post about how it goes.
  • I love hot yoga, my gym actually doesnt offer non-hot yoga... so I don't know what not sweating like a pig is like lol

    I feel very good afterwards but no, its not my main way of losing weight.  Water weight maybe... but not actual weight like from cardio or weights
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