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I want a sculpted back... dang it! (mini vent)

I see all these wedding dress models on TK tv with the most beautiful, sculpted backs & shoulder blades. I'm thankful that I finally have a collar bone again, and that I can see a little definition in my quads and biceps now, but I want more! I'm doing everything I can right now, but my shoulder blades just aren't showing through yet! *sigh*

Sorry, thanks for listening. :)

Re: I want a sculpted back... dang it! (mini vent)

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    Most of those models probably fall into the "underweight" BMI range, so don't feel bad.

    Just keep working at it.  With 5 months left to go, I'm sure your shoulder blades will make an appearance!
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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    Yeah. I'm sure they will too by the wedding. I'm going to a wedding on Feb 6th for a good friend from high school (also one of my BMs). At her request, I'm wearing a black & hot pink halter dress (matching her colors). I want my shoulders/back/arms to look smokin' hot. :)
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    I found my dress this weekend and it has a MUCH lower back than I pictured... so back is definitely a priority! I plan on getting to my goal weight and then spending the rest of the time till the wedding toning my upper body... my dress is a modified A-line so my lower body still needs to be toned but upper body is definitely priority! if you find any great workouts please share!
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