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Poll: What do you love?

It's been a while since one of these posts came up, and I think we need it every now and then!

What do you love about yourself physically and other?

Re: Poll: What do you love?

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    I've just recently fallen in love with my arms. I started circuit training two weeks ago, and now I've got some guns. :)

    I also love my determination to get things done. I think I've done a fantastic job planning my entire wedding myself.
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    raynesraynes member
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    After seeing my race pictures I'm kinda starting to love my legs.  I've slimmed down a lot in my hips/thighs and I find that awesome!

    And, as always, I love my ass.  The lifting is only making it awesomer.
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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    i love my nose and ears.

    and... um.... i love my creativity and sense of humor. 

    FavoriteOne- I checked our your wedding website, such a transformation! Congratulations on your weight loss success and determination! 
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    My eyes and butt!! I always say it's a good thing I have a  nice butt, since I'm lacking in the chest department :)

    And I love the I'm always (ok, almost always) organized, it makes life go so much smoother!
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    good idea to post this!

    i like my eyes, and i'm starting to see some new definition in my quads above my knees, so yay! and my fiance loves my ass, so that's a plus. i kind of feel weird, however, when he puts it in the same category as kim kardashian's - i don't think mine's that big, damn it! but i'd love to have her hair. anyhoo...

    recently i've been a lot more positive about things (the stress from the wedding, potentially buying a house, and our less-than-ideal money situation has been getting to me) and i think i'm feeling it too.
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    I love my eyes.  They're green :)  I also love my athletic build.  Even though sometimes I feel "big", I love the muscle tone and strength.

    I love that I'm a good friend, I try to be fair, and I'm very organized (almost to a fault).

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    I like my hair and my chest.  My legs are too bad but the cellulite on my thighs just makes me sad.  It doesn't help that I watch Nip/Tuck longingly every night too.  :)
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    Shoulders (thank you pushups and pullups)....butt...and smile.

    P.S. Congrats FavoriteOne!!!!!! How exciting! And're getting married SO SOON!!!! YAY! :)
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    I love my shoulders and arms.  Also, when I was getting fitted for running shoes, they videotaped me running and when they played it back, I was thinking that I have some fine looking calf muscles!

    And ditto to FavoriteOne.  You look fabulous!  Congrats!
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    this is a godd post. I love my bubble booty (FI loves also), shoulders and toes.
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