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Yaay exciting!!

My gym holds a customer appreciation draw once in a while, and I finally won something for once!! 2 free personal training sessions.

Ive been feeling down about being unemployed and not having lots of money so I have been feeling unmotivated to work out (I have been, just not "feeling" it). I am excited again, now that I can see my personal trainer again, even if only for two sessions. I have them set up for monday and the monday after, so hopefully it will help me burn off some of those holiday calories that are still hanging around!!

I guess you never know when little things like this are going to fall in your lap and make your day, huh?

Re: Yaay exciting!!

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    Woohoo! You always think those things are fake until you win something... at least that's how I feel.

    Hopefully getting this boost will help you get re-centered, re-motivated, and raring to go.
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    This is awesome! You really are deserving and it couldn't of come at a better time!! :)
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    I think its a bit lame how they did things, one woman won 3 sessions, then won the 6 session prize THEN won a free massage. I dont think thats fair to the other people there at all. You win once, the end.

    But, I still won so Im not too mad. I would have been super angry if I hadnt won anything though.

    I am really excited to start up with her again, even for only 2 sessions. It helps keep me on track.
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    That's awesome Nebb!!

    And I totally agree that once you win in the same drawing, you shouldn't win again.  I'd be miffed.
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    Ahh, that's awesome!!  What a great pick-me-up! :)  I totally agree, though, a person should only be able to win once per contest. That's totally unfair.
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    Yeah. you!!! Just think if they hadn't given that one lady 4 prizes, 3 other people could be just as jazzed as you are.
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