July 2012 Weddings

I feel accomplished :D

...at least when it comes to wedding related things.  I designged my STDs and did a test print from walmart and it turned out amazing so I have all of them printed for $0.13 a piece!! designed a cover card for them, have the address labels formatted, and have return address labels printed out.  I finally got the courage to call my aunt for her copy of her wedding guest list from a few years back so i now have a ton of addresses to start with, after an insanly long conversation with my mom I now have a pretty solid guest list.  We chose a caterer and picked out our menu, decided to go with a co-worker for photography, have an invite design picked out, reserved the dj, and i FINALLY have flower ideas picked out...roses and hydrangeas...i also found out that my godmother helped my mom with her flowers for her wedding, so im going to call her to see if she can give me any advice on making mine as i plan on doing just about everything possible DIY.  I am so happy to have so much figured out for the wedding :) ... of course, none of my homework or house cleaning got done this weekend...oops
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