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haha! this is so wrong!

Yesterday we ran out of dog food and I couldn't get to the store before it closed. So I had my fiance make some homemade food for the furr kids. He gave them salmon, tilapia, organic carrots, celery, and green beans with brown rice. I don't think I'd had ever been so jealous of my dogs' food before like that as I was last night. They ate better than I did last night. 

This is so wrong!laugh

Re: haha! this is so wrong!

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    One of my FH cousin's has greyhounds that they rescued. They are the most spoiled dogs ever! They buy them ground meat, make rice for them, and put in other things...3 times a day! Granted, they were very unhealthy when they first got them and this is the best diet for them, but goodness gracious!
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    Oh my gosh your dog's food sounds delicious. Wow.
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    Not caring about missing RSVPs because there aren't any rocks!
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    That's funny!!!  They had to have loved that!!!  All we have anymore is our hedgehog...and his favorite is bologna.  It's hysterical to watch him get all nuts for it!
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