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What is your work out regimen?

I have been working out for awhile now- and have had some sucess- but now I am getting bored!  What are your workout regimens?  how do you mix it up?

Re: What is your work out regimen?

  • I meet with a gym trainer about once a month to get a new workout.  Right now the big one that I do is 15 min stair climber, free weight and upper body circuit, 15 min treadmill, lower body circuit, 15 min treadmill, abdominals, 15 min treadmill.  I do this one every other day.  On the days in between, I either do yoga or 15 min stair climber and 45 min treadmill.
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  • I'm the lamest of the lame - but, my job involves a lot of running around.

    I run.  Three times a week.  Saturday, Sunday, and one day during the week.

    Saturday and Sunday are 3.5 miles outside.  Weekday workout tends to be intervals on the treadmill since it's dark when I get home.  Last week, I did about four miles of interval work.

    My goal for the winter is to master the 10K.

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    20 minutes 4 mornings a week.  A mix of running, eliptical, 30 day shred, zumba, 10 minute trainer, etc.  Anything I can drag myself out of bed at 5am to do. Longer workouts on the weekends - generally an hour a day.  Pilates, P90x, etc.
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    Currently I'm doing 5 min elliptical warmup (to get heart rate up), then 20-30 min of weights (alternating days for arms/shoulders/back and legs/abs) followed immediately by 10-20 min of elliptical (time depends on how late I am running) 5 days a week.  I also take the stairs up to the train when I'm commuting in the morning (2 flights, and 3 more at the destination station) and then take a 15-20 min brisk walk at lunch before I eat.  I've been getting some results, this week I had a few different people who hadn't seen me for a few weeks tell me spontaneously that I looked thinner.

    Previously I was doing 30-40 min of swimming in the mornings, but my dietician told me that to prevent a plateau I need to change my workout every 6 weeks or so.

    I've ordered the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred (although I loathe her personality/voice) as I've heard people getting positive results with that and I'd like to have that as an option for my next workout changeup.
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  • Slubkin, after the second workout with the video, I started muting the tv and put music on instead. Although I can still hear her voice in my head, the music helped a bit.
  • At the moment, my regimen is terrible due to losing my job in the next month, and being extraordinarily busy.  Normally, I'm in the gym anywhere from 2-4x a week.  I do 45-60mins of intervals on a machine of choice.  (Elliptical, treadmill, bike, etc), usually followed by at least 30 mins of free weights. 

    The amount of times I'm at the gym varies based on whether I'm running outside, or if my DH and I are out hiking on the weekend.  More hiking = less gym time during the week.  I prefer being outdoors to the gym every time.  During the summer, we kayak as much as possible as well.
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  • I go to the gym 3 days a week for a full body weight lifting session that includes a 15 minute dynamic warmup.  One other day of the week I do a 20 minute metabolic circuit.

    I'm following the program in the book The Female Body Breakthrough.
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  • I love distance running, so my workouts are usually 9-15 miles a day 6-7 days a week with weights and abs a few days a week as well.  Sometimes I'll get on the elliptical to ease up on the joints, and for someting completely different Jillian Michaels is a good full body workout. 
  • Sat, Sun, Monday Thursday and Friday seem to be the days I work out the most.  I'll get in at least an hour or more on those days doing 20 minutes of kickboxing on demand and other work outs/cardio to get to 60-75 minutes is what I average

    I log everything I do.. so that I know how long I am working out each day.. and can read my log to see my progress and motivate me to continue.  I am doing a lot of cardio mostly the kickboxing and sometimes a 2mile (30 minute) walk on demand as well.  anything to get my heart rate up and burn calories.

    On the other days (Tues and Wednesday) I usually do 20 minutes of the kickboxing or just rest on these days
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    [QUOTE]Slubkin, after the second workout with the video, I started muting the tv and put music on instead. Although I can still hear her voice in my head, the music helped a bit.
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    Nice, great suggestion.  Thank you!  :D
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  • Right now, I'm still post-marathon recovering.  I've been doing an ab workout from OnDemand every other day.  I start back running again next Tuesday!  Sooo excited!  I'll be training for the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati next.  It's May 1, just over a month before my wedding.  I plan on probably doing 30ds after the race up until wedding day.
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  • on a good week, 
    Monday: p90x Ken po
    Tuesday: 1/2 of p90x arms and abs routine
    wednesday: p90x legs and back routine (but just the legs)
    thursday: an hour of yoga
    friday: I go for a 4-5k run.  
    Saturday: either nothing or a p90x video. 
    Sunday: I go for a run and/or do yoga.  
    I also try to go for walks after dinner from time to time, and I'm a teacher so I'm on my feet in my classroom for a good part of the day.  

    I highly recommend p90x with heavy weights.  It'll transform you.  I didn't finish the whole routine and now I do a modified version incorporating the exercises I like because the whole program is a bit intense.  Do it for a while until you reach your goals and then scale it back to something you can sustain.  
  • Typically, I try to run 3-4 times a week anywhere from 4-8 miles each time and do Pilates on a reformer 1-2 times a week. Also, I find that training for something like a race really helps with the motivation! To spice up the workout regimen, I'm trying out Bikram yoga classes after the holidays too. 
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