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Need some motivation!!!

My wedding is a month from tomorrow! OMG! And I just can't find the time or the motivation to work out. I know I need to get my butt in gear again after a month off but just can't seem to do it! Any tips to keep motivated???

Re: Need some motivation!!!

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    Techniquly, yes, but as long as you don't publicize it, I think you'll be fine, just don't use any more
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    I keep thinking in my head, 'DRESS DRESS DRESS DRESS'....kind of a neurotic chant, but it kind of works. Other than that, are you not motivated because you are already in shape? Maybe subconciously or conciously you already think you are fantastic!
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    I just try to remind myself of how great I feel when I'm in shape and my clothes fit well.  That helps me to stay motivated.  Try to come up with a workout schedule and make it your priority.  GL!
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    i tend to focus on what i don't want to happen again, like years ago i'd dread when the seasons changed because i knew that when i'd try those clothes on, they wouldn't fit, and i would hate myself for letting it get to that point. it can be a bummer to think about, but nothing is more motivating (to me, anyway) than the fear of not fitting into your own clothes!
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    I am in the same boat as you!  I have 3 weeks though....  we are so busy it seems like there is something wedding to do after work every night....  I was on a schedule of hitting the gym right after work monday-thursday.  That has not happened in a few weeks.  I'm lucky if I get there one day of the week.  Not to mention the stress eating.  Yikes!  Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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    I am the same too.  I am going to get there today!  I had my fitting yesterday and the dress fit great and I had even ordered it smaller than I needed when I bought it.  But I was unhappy with how my back and arms looked, so I am going to to the pushup challenge and actually finish it!  I have done the first week like 3 times, but that's all the further I get!  I just want to stick with it, exercing period, I don't care what it is because it does make me feel better.  I just feel like the days are flying past and I am always two steps behind! 
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    Thanks for the tips and it's good to hear that I'm not the only one having this issue. I will be starting my p90x today. I won't get the 90 days done before the wedding, but hopefully it'll still kick my butt into shape :)
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    Filll me in on this push up challenge???  Not happy with my my arms either!
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