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Name your favorite workout/running shoes

I was reading a thread a little down the page about those new new shoes that are supposed to tone your legs.  I think all of us can agree that they will never replace a good workout.  I'm just curious to see what all of you are wearing and what you would recommend. 

Re: Name your favorite workout/running shoes

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    ASICS GT-2140  I love Asics!  They last reasonably well and are so great for working out.  I wear mine all day everyday because I have horrible feet and they're the only shoes that I am comfortable in every day.
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    I wear Mizuno's, I don't remember the exact type.  I used to just buy whatever was on sale, but when I started running more than 25 miles/week, I went to a running store and got them to watch me run in my shoes and  tell me which to buy.  I haven't had a problem with shin splines since I did that!
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    Right now I have asic gels that I just bought and am not that impressed.  I prefer New Balance. They are just more comfortable in my opinion.
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    Asics are my favorite type of shoe, as well... but obviously that's not what you're looking for, considering your reply. They're really the only athletic-type shoe I'll buy.

    I definitely don't do Nike's... they're too narrow for me and are uncomfortable. The only other athletic type shoe I've worn besides Asics is a pair of Vasque trail runners (which I like).
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    I will stick with my Mizuno Wave Riders. I love them! I have a high arch and medium-small build. I'm on my third pair right now.

    To add, I think that the Reebok shoes might have an effect on some people. For sedentary individuals, they would probably see results. But walking around the mall in certain sneakers isn't going to give results to bodies that are used to running miles at a time and lifting weights. It just won't happen.
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    Nike - I have really oddly shaped feet, and they don't slide around like other types.
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    New Balance running shoes - although soontobeklg has good advice re letting the professional runners' store check your body profile out so that you get pronation shoes etc. right. Don't distroy anything just because you're green to it still!

    I imagine workout shoes can be different from running shoes, lighter and smaller maybe? I do Pilates and it's with just socks or bare feet.
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    I have noticed over the years that if you like asics, you will also like adidas (not that you can really get them anymore) and mizunos.  Ppl who are comfy in New Balance also fit well in Nikes and Saucony.  I personally love Asics.  they do tend to break down a little fast for running, but they last forever as just sneaks to wear around.  I would also love to hear about the new Reebok easytone shoes if anyone has tried them out?
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    I have Nike air pegasus i think.  They are really comfortable and have good support when I run.  I also got them at the Nike outlet so they were a really good price
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    I use Asics. I had a pair that lasted me about 2.5 years before I finally threw them out and got another pair. My favorite workout is dancing, but I use dance shoes for that.
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