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Uh oh!

I had my dress fitting a week ago to get the length and halter straps measured. The last time I had the dress on was only about two months ago and it fit perfect other than those two things. This past time, however, my dress was super tight! I have definitely been stress eating and now I need to lose about 5-10lbs before my wedding in September. Any suggestions for a busy mom? Thanks so much!!!

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    Since you're busy and you say you're stress eating I would suggest doing a lot of meal planning. Just adjusting your eating habits a little, you should have no problem losing 5-10 lbs before september. The main thing is not to stress and if you do try to get it out through exercise not eating.

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    Good advice, but I also recommend trying to be sure to up how much water you are drinking instead of other things, and eating more fruits and veggies will help you out too if you want to "stress eat", choose those.

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    Thanks so much!!! I'll definitely try those things. Wish me luck!
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    I have my dress fitting on Thursday and tried on my dress today. I just realized I have the same problem, need to lose the weight by September also. Time to start working out!
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