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Ok ladies,
I have a question for you.
So when I first started planning the wedding FI and I agreed on a dry reception (no alcohol) which was good becuase some people in my family would go crazy on the alcohol and make a fool of themselves and were looking at having the reception in a catholic parish hall because its very affordable and we can still have a dance well now FI thinks no one will stay for the dance if we don't have alcohol. So what should I do? I'm not even sure the parish hall would allow any alcohol that's why it would be perfect. I dunno now I'm confused!! Please Help!!
Thanks :)
Sorry it wasn't related to working out/diet

Re: Need an opinion

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    First thing-find out if your venue allows alcohol.  If not, problem solved.
    If it does allow alcohol, then you have to decide if the people are grown enough to make decisions for themselves as far as alcohol goes.  Will people dance without alcohol?  Probably not.
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    If it's a catholic parish hall, I HIGHLY doubt alcohol will be allowed. If it is, one option would be to have a limited amount (i.e. a couple bottles of wine on each table or something like that, so that when it's gone, it's gone). That would control costs as well as consumption. Or you could do a regular bar of beer and wine, but if you have witnessed your guests not being able to keep themselves under control in a wedding type situation, then just don't do it at all. But keep in mind.... the way people drink/act at home with friends or at a bar is (hopefully) different than how they'd act at a nice event like a wedding.

    But again....... I can bet you alcohol is not allowed.

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    this EXACT same thing happened to me. I mean exactly!! haha.. we decided to have an open bar with only beer and wine.... and close it down after about 3 hours... that way people wont have time to get too drunk and they will also have time to sober up... hopefully that helps..
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    sticky situation. definitely check with the church if they'll allow it. I know FIs church allows alcohol in thier hall and it is catholic so i think you have a 50-50 chance of the answer being yes.

    i think your best bet would be what vitaluna said, just a few bottles of wine on the table and once it has been drank, no more! of course, if you have the people there who tend to drink too much all the time no matter the situation, they may just take a bottle or two for themselves and still be drunk.

    and i think people will definitely dance without alcohol (or at least my crowd would), just not as much.

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    Actually, a Catholic church is probably more prone to allow alcohol then other religious estabilshments. Our reception is in a banquet hall at the Catholic church in our town, and they have no problem with alcohol.

    I was afraid to have alcohol at first because my FI's mother has some issues with drinking. I am going to make sure someone watches her throughout the reception to make sure she doesn't go overboard. Just an idea.
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    I have a friend who is a wedding caterer and she says dry wedding = little dancing and a short reception. She said she always feels for the dj when there is no alcohol at all. We decided to have wine and beer for dinner and first hour of dancing then cut them off. Hoping to get them a little loose but not drunk, and time to sober up.
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    Dang! Clearly I live in the wrong town! I remember my friend looking for Catholic church to have her wedding and have the reception in the parish hall, but couldn't find any Catholic church that would allow alcohol at the reception. I retract my statement about it being doubtful they'd allow it.

    We're having a shorter alcohol service, like pp mentioned, and doing just beer and wine (no hard liquor... sorry kids, not paying for you all to get drunk!). Let us know what you decide!

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