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WW Wednesday Accountability

halfway through the week! yay!

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I am a gluten-free, gun-toting wife! :P

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Re: WW Wednesday Accountability

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    weighed in this morning since i forgot yesterday - nada. boo.

    B: coffee (2), i really need to go to the grocery store
    S: mutant pear (2) - seriously its enormous
    L: baked mac&cheese (8), brownie (3) - needing some chocolate.
    D: tilapia with rice (6)

    Total: 21
    Target: 26

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    I am a gluten-free, gun-toting wife! :P

    I love you, Daddy...2/24/1953 to 2/13/2011image
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    Had my first weigh in last night -4.5 what a motivator to keep going. Although i don't expect to lose that much each week, I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing.
    B-Quaker Lower Sugar Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal with walnuts ---3
        Coffee w/ cream -1
    S- FF Cottage Cheese-2
    L- Turkey Sandwhich, EAS Protein Shake -7
    s- Package of SmartFood- 1
    D-Frozen WW Lasagna--- 6 (i think), salad

    Exercise-40 minutes elliptial trainer.
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    B:  fiber one muffin (3)
    L: apple (1) with peanut butter (2) left over pasta with sauce (5)
    S: fiber one bar (1)
    D: pasta with shrimp and veggies (7)

    Total: 19
    Target: 23

    E: 30 min elliptical 30 min bike
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    Today is my WI. I hope to be down at least .6 so I am where I was before the holiday!

    B: egg beater omlet w/ green peppers + laughing cow cheese (2) toast w/ jam (1.5)
    L: Turkey sandwich (3) veggies & dip (1)
    S: yogurt (1)
    S: banana - maybe (1.5)
    D: roast beef dinner (9?)

    total: 17.5
    target: 21
    WI: TODAY!!!

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    B: 2 sandwich thins (3.5), light butter (2.5), cinnamon & splenda (0)
    L: whole wheat pasta (3), shrimp (.5), pesto (1), yogurt (1), raspberries (.5), granola (2.5)
    S: popcorn (1), WW vanilla shake mix (1), ff milk (2), strawberries (.5)
    D: taco soup (3), ff sour cream (0), WW cheese (1)

    E: C25K Week 3 Day 2

    Total: 23
    Target: 30
    WI: Saturday
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    Duchess - congrats on your loss!

    lmark - GL today at WI!
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    Good morning! Congrats on the weight loss, Duchess.  Keep it up!  We are going to our tasting tonight, which I am really excited about, but since one piece of prime rib is 19 points, I am thinking the whole experience is not going to be terribly diet friendly! My plan is to eat and have fun, but to go easy on the portions .. I have weekly points I can use, and I want to enjoy the experience. 

    b: egg white (1), morning star sausage (3)
    s: yogurt (1)
    l: chicken with spinach and artichokes (4)
    d:?? not sure, but it will be a lot!

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    Good morning!
    B: breakfast sandwich (4) and coffee (1)
    L: lean cuisine (5)
    D: chicken chili (4) and sweet potato fries (3)
    S: pudding (1)
    S: carrots (0)
    S: string cheese (2)
    S: mocha sundae (3)
    Total: 23
    Target: 23
    WI: Friday
    E: upper body and 30 min. bike, all before work... that is definitely a first for me as I'm an evening person :-P It was nice to have it mostly to myself as it's a university gym and everyone else is still asleep!
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    Good morning

    Well done Duchess!

    I haven't been very good about posting, but I've been tracking my rump off, so hopefully I'll see some results tomorrow.

    B- Gnu banana walnut bar (2), string cheese (1)
    L- veggie & couscous wrap (4), apple (1), ww yogurt (1)
    S- veggies and dip (1), pretzel flats (2)
    D- leftover pasta (5)

    Total: 17
    Target: 27
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