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Mari Winsor Pilates

Hey if you really hate working out but need to get reshaped for your wedding Id HIGHLY recommend that youd get Mari Winsor Pilates.  All of her workouts are 20 minutes or less but for me it seems like I JUST got started and I am done.  She has a SUGGESTED schedule of when to do pilates but because I love it so much I am averaging 2-3 workouts a day. (I follow her order just like lump em into one day).  Consider it if you dont want to run on the track at the local gym for an hour.
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Re: Mari Winsor Pilates

  • Tried it, sitting on my shelf.  Didn't like it, wasn't intense at all
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  • i agree I loved it, for a while at least... i did get bored after some time. But i would definitely try it again now after some time off!
  • Pilates isn't to be intense.  Intese is what the gym is for.  Pilates is more for working your muscles into shape while being gentle on your body.

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  • I used these DVDs while I was in law school.  I moved on to yoga and a gym membership.
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  • Yes... Pilates are meant to make your muscles long and lean.
    I got the windsor pilates set a long time ago, but there was a 50 min workout in there.  I found the 20 minute workouts fairly easy, but the 50 min one... Just right.
    I should pull those back out!!
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