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I wanted to see how your search for a new venue was going.  I really feel for you having to pick a new spot.

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    Aww! You're too sweet!

    We really liked the Atrium. They have so much to offer at amazing prices. It's a different vibe, and that was a little hard for me to envision... I was really excited for my urban, eclectic, romantic wedding, but now I'm having a sleek, colorful, contemporary wedding. I won't lie and say I wasn't bummed at first, but a few hours looking at pics online has me excited again! Plus, the Atrium's style, while a little less "me", is much more "FH."

    The best part is, that even with loss of the deposit, we're getting more for our money than we would have before. Like I told my mom, if this is the big drama of our wedding (fingers crossed) then we'll be ok.

    Thanks again for your concern! It means a lot...

    PS (I still can't say anything about the other venue... not trying to be secretive or unhelpful, we just still haven't discussed the details...)
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    I'm glad to hear everything is working out and you have a new venue. Congrats
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