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Getting in Shape

I need Guidance

Ok, SO I'm getting married at the end of October and I want to get in shape. I am 5'5 and a bit over weight and am embarrassed about it. I know my FI loves me dearly no matter what, but I don't. I've always struggled with weight. I've tried diets and exercising and nothing helped (I even worked out with my best friend and I didn't drop any poundage... only she did). My biggest problem is that my whole family (except for my older brother for some reason) is over weight and what I like to refer to as thick (we all have big, muscular thighs and wide hips and big booties). I want to mostly get rid of my stomach (crunches suck because I have a bad back). I do not want to give up good taste and I do not want to give up feeling full (believe me, I've tried diets high in protein which is said to make you feel fuller longer-- it doesn't for me).  I wake up every morning around 530 or 6 (depending on the day) then I head off to work (MWF) then school, or school (TTh) then work.  I am going going going all the time with very little time to work out (I'm home by 630-7pm every day). I try to squeeze in walks here and there by parking further away and taking the stairs, but so far nothing. I guess I just need guidance on what to do :( 
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