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Hey everyone -

I just wanted to see if anyone had tried Slim Shots? I had seen the commercials and was contemplating trying them to help curb my snacking but wanted to see if anyone had any opinions or had tried them before I do, especially with what they cost.

Thanks :)
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Re: Slim Shots

  • Use self-control to curb your snacking. Look one thread down. We don't support gimmicks. We DO support good, old-fashioned diet and exercise.
  • Thank you FavoriteOne, for fielding the post : )

    Figure out why you're snacking. Is it because you're hungry? If so, then eat something (cheese and crackers, a piece of fruit, some veggies, etc.) Is it because you're bored? Then do something. Is it because the snack is sitting there? Then don't buy it in the first place or throw it away.

    Figuring out why you're snacking is the first step, stopping/fixing it is the second. Learning self control can go a long way... we've all been through it, and resolved it (or are trying to : ) the healthy way.

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