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Getting in Shape

i might be crazy but...

is anyone else afraid of the extra skin from losing weight?  Extra large arms run in my family and mine are no exception, they're embarassingly big, but i want to wear a strapless dress.  I'm almost afraid this fear of loose skin on my arms is causing me to lose my motivation to loose weight, because at least filled with fat they aren't "old lady-like," if that makes any sense....   is this a legit fear, or am i crazy??  (i genuinely look forward to hearing your honest responses, but i really hope you all tell me i'm crazy so i can knock this fear out of my head!!)
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Re: i might be crazy but...

  • If you were to lose ALL of your weight right away, that might happen. But that's not going to happen barring liposuction, so you'll be fine. As long as you lose the weight at a reasonable pace (2lbs per week), drink lots of water and keep your skin moisturized, it will keep up with your weight loss. Don't worry! Just remember to give your skin what it needs to be as elastic as possible..
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  • RayKate, I have this fear too, but part of me knows I'm being crazy. T

    highs are what run big in my mom's side of the family. Even though I've been told for years (and can tell) that I don't have the family thighs, my head still thinks that any day now they can change. I know it's ridiculous, so I just have to remind myself of that.
  • I have this same fear.
    I recently gained a Lot of weight.  and I am struggling witht eh fact that if I want to be a thinner bride, I have to diet and excercise and completely change my lifetyle.

    I have a ton of stretch marks from gainaing SO much SO fast-- and my other fear is lose skin, especailly on my arms.

    but then i saw an article on one of the biggest losers and they lose it pretty quickly and she didint have loose skin. She said she moisturized like a mad woman and was conscious of it.. and that there is some loose skin but its mostly noticeable to her.

    The thing is, in your wedding pics, would you rather look at a thin arm, with a tiny bit of loose skin (mostly only noticeable to you) under your arm (plus your arm sits against your body anyway)... or a larger arm that makes you more self conscious.

    I wouldnt risk your health or weight because of a fear of loose skin
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  • thanks guys, sorry it took so long to get back to you, these past few months have seen too many deaths of relatives, and close friends, then the holidays kicked in....

    i'm so glad to hear i'm not the only one with this fear, and now i have the confidence to kick the fear and get working!!  new year brings new lifestyle!! 
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