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Thursday Accountability

Happy Thursday!  My drive home was atrocious last night.  Nearly twice as long as normal, and I got stuck at a lift bridge for a good 15 minutes.  Bad day to decide to drink 1L of water on the way home.

B: greek yogurt w/ honey and Fibre 1 cereal, strawberry and cheese danish pieces
S: string cheese and almonds
L: TBD, I'm thinking chopped salad
S: string cheese and almonds
D: TBD, something on the grill?

E: rest day.

This week was a grocery fail.  It's so much more expensive when you go to the store every day, I hate it.  Back to normal with planning things out next week!
We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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Re: Thursday Accountability

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    Boo-urns about the drive, raynes - I hate traffic so much!

    I had a major fail yesterday - handled the buffet surprisingly well, but after 3 large glasses of wine, I demolished the fridge upon coming home, eating 2 bowls of cereal, countless crackers and spoonfuls of peanut butter. :(

    But today is a new day!

    B: Babybel cheese, green apple
    L: Mexican tomato soup with a few tortilla chips, salad with a slice of deli roast beef
    S: nectarine
    S: Bowl of cereal before working out
    D: I'm craving eggs - so I'll probably make scrambled eggs with some chorizo slices in a wrap, and stir-fry some veggies to go with.

    E: Run! Hopefully the rain will stop. I've also downloaded the exhale core fusion dvd that I'm excited to try out - I'm excited to start doing more core work (I tend to avoid it like the plague)
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    Morning! I just got my new bathing suit in the mail, so now I'm really being careful!
    b-life, coffee
    l- chobani and strawberries
    d-2 small slices of pizza with artichoke and peppers.

    e- 60 minutes elliptical arms/abs.
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    Can't wait to get out of work today! Off tomorrow and we are going to book our honeymoon!

    B- 100 cal bagel and light cream cheese
    S- yogurt
    L- smart one
    S- granola bar
    D- thinking grilled chicken and maybe some rice and peas

    E- 20 minute jog

    Been bad last few days so trying to be good today!
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    Ribs feeling a little better today, but took off from the ab workout just in case.

    B - hardboiled egg on multigrain english muffin w/ LC and 2 slices ham
    S - 2 clementines
    L - brown rice, steam veggies and LC wedge (trying the new chipotle one)
    S - banana
    Pre-D - salad w/ either LF balsamic ving or LF rasp ving
    D - turkey meatball kabobs w/ corn, jasmine rice and pineapple salsa

    E - 35 min walk on treadmill, gym for 45-60 min after work
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    Raynes- thats the worst when you drink too much water and are stuck in traffic! :)

    I am really proud of myself for resisting the temptation to eat that ice cream last night after dinner.

    B- Kashi heart to heart cereal w/ skim milk
    S- grapes and a plum
    L- Smart Ones microwave meal
    S- Greek yogurt
    D- Hoping for Japanese, but don't know yet.

    E- Gym for 60 minutes (45 cardio, 15 weights)
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    B - egg white and cheese sandwich, coffee
    S - banana
    L - lavish wrap with hummus, fat free feta, olives and cucumbers
    S - fiber bar
    D - mock BBQ duck bahn mi <- I am so excited

    E - rest, I start class tonight!
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    B- greek yogurt with blueberrues
    S- Wasa Crackers and laughing cow cheese
    L- Veggie Chili w/ brown rice
    S- String Cheese
    D- Grilled Mahi Mahi, salad and couscous

    E- weight training and 30 minutes on the elliptical

    My new bff Gayle Forman!

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