Getting in Shape

Anyone else get the "Newlywed Nine?"

You know how there's "Freshman 15?"  I feel like I have the "Newlywed Nine."

My wedding was on July 3rd and I've put on 10 pounds.  On top of starting a stressful school year at work, I'm really depressed that, despite the face that my eating/activity level remains the same as it was prior to the wedding, I can't get rid of this weight.  My husband says it doesn't show at all, and nobody SEEMS to notice...but I feel so disgusting.  I get this horrible feeling like my husband is thinking "Man, barely 3 months and she's ALREADY letting herself go."  Not that he would ever think/say that, but I can't get the thought that he is out of my head.

I'm tremedously insecure about my weight and had serious issues in high school (Dropped from 165 to 104 in about 10 months, and not in a healthy way whatsoever) so it's really weighing on me (no pun intended)

Did/does anyone else feel this way?  Please tell me I'm not alone here.
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