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HELP! How do you fight underarm bulge?

HELP!  I just got my dress back from being altered and discovered that I have a small bit of underarm fat bulges from the top (it's strapless).  I'm getting married next weekend, so it's too late for diet/exercise or more alterations.  Does anyone have any solutions?

Re: HELP! How do you fight underarm bulge?

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    You likely won't be able to solve this within a week, it would be more like a half a year plan depending on how much 'bulge' you have to lose.

    I have that too and I find that it is less noticeable if my hands are loosely at on my is most noticeable when my arms are flat by my side. Not saying you have to keep your arms in the air your whole wedding day, but you could keep it in mind during photos.  

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