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new to the board;)

Hi ladies,
i'm new to this board but i MUST get in kick butt shape by my wedding this july!  i need to lose about 30-45 lbs to be back in a size 12 {i'm in a 16 now} but i am really uncomfortable with my weight now. I have a set of twins who are 4 now so i guess thats no longer an excuse and time for me to get the ball on the roll.

the hardest part for me is i'm a very picky eater and dont like any kind of veggie for the most part :( i'm am giving up junk food and my oh so lovely sodas and flavored drinks but pray for me ladies lol this is gonna be hard for me lol

Re: new to the board;)

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    Welcome sassy. I am relatively new myself but have found the women here so far to be great and very encouraging. My roommate used to be like you, didn't like veggies at all...maybe a salad every now and again. She started eating them to try to retrain her taste buds. She has actually been quite successful and is eating more veggies now than she ever has before (and that is saying a lot)! Something she found to use on veggies was called "spike". I'm assuming this is found with the spices etc but I have tried it myself and it is quite good. Adds a little flavor to the veggies and helps with some of the bitterness. Also, try cooking them in different ways. My roommate wasn't a big fan of peppers and squash/zucchini but when I grilled them for her...she completely loved them! Good luck...and welcome again!
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    thanks! i will have to check that out when i go grocery shopping 2moro
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    Welcome sassy!  Gving up junk foods and sodas is a great start!!!  Be proud of yourself for that!  What day is your wedding?  Mine's on July 3rd.

    Come say hi to us on the July board also!!!
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    Hiya Sassy. I was the same way about veggies. I just don't care for most, and there is not a single bean that I will eat!

     I did like the PP's roommate and forced myself to try some. I now love a good salad, broccoli (anything is better w/ cheese, right) and bell peppers and squash/zucchini are great when grilled or in a stir fry. I also try to throw spinach leaves in just about anything.

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    Welcome Sassy!  I think getting rid of all those empty calories from drinks will help a lot.  You can still get the flavor, but in healthier ways.  Have you tried Crystal Light or sugar-free kool aid?  I swear by grape sugar-free kool aid, and you can't even tell it isn't the regular stuff.
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    Welcome :) You can do it!! Great support here! I am new too:o)
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    I'm new to this board too!  I would like to lose at least 40 pounds (hoping for 50) by September 1st.  My wedding is September 17th, but I figure if I can hit my goal weight by the 1st I will have enough time to go buy tons of cute honeymoon clothes!!  I just started exercising (again) today.  I always seem to start strong on Mondays, but get caught up with other things by Wednesday or Thursday.  SO... I'm hoping that by being on this board I will feel guilted into working out!  We'll see...

    As for the flavored drinks, try Vitamin Water 10s.  I love them!!  I just saw in my local grocery ad that they have Vitamin Zeros now- so I will be trying those soon!  I also like the flavored Porpel waters.

    Good luck with your weight loss!

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    [QUOTE]Welcome sassy!  Gving up junk foods and sodas is a great start!!!  Be proud of yourself for that!  What day is your wedding?  Mine's on July 3rd. Come say hi to us on the July board also!!!
    Posted by nyrek[/QUOTE]

    we are getting married on july 23rd
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    thanks ladies!!! all of these are great ideas!!
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