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TGIF Accountability

Happy Holiday Weekend !

I stopped at Starbucks this morning and decided I wanted a pastry of some kind but nothing jumped out at me so I decided I did not need one.  I have a rule that if I am eating something bad for me I better really enjoy it...and I stuck to that today :)
B: Apple, plain non-fat yogurt and a tiny bit of granola.  Grande skinny hazelnut latte
S: Banana
L: Romaine, chicken, little bit of parmesan and yogurt caesar dressing.
S: Reduced fat chese stick
S: Lightly salted almonds on my way home if I am starving.
D: Chicken with qunoia and a veg of some kind probably

E: 30 minutes cardio+strength training.
Possibly a post work out protein smoothie
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Re: TGIF Accountability

  • Good Morning!

    I don't see this weekend going very well -- we're going to visit family in Houston.  My parents own a restaurant (dad will be hosting the outdoor bar tomorrow night...) and FMIL is german and cooks like one. 

    B - mini whole grain bagel with fruit spread
    L - leftover chicken, cantaloupe
    S - grapes
    D - no clue but I have to assume it won't be very healthy

    E - if I can get my work done early, I'd REALLY like to go do some weight training.  You ladies are inspiring me.

  • So glad it is Friday and we have a 3-day weekend!  Great job at avoiding the starbucks temptation!

    B- multigrain cheerios, raspberries
    L- turkey sandwich, carrots, cheddar rice cakes
    S- special K bar or greek yogurt
    D- TBD we might be going out to eat... but I am determined to still be healthy, so maybe grilled chicken with veggies or a salad

    E- 45 mins on elliptical

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  • Woohoo three day weekend!
    Too bad that means one extra day of struggling to stay on track for me.

    B- hard boiled egg
    S- Trail mix and greek yogurt
    L- Sauteed chickpeas and eggplant with feta and pita
    D- Not sure, we're going to a drive-in movie with friends tonight, so that means popcorn and beer. I think I'll get some veggies and dip too, so at least I won't just eat junk.

    E- Running at the gym on my lunch break.
  • Good morning! Bring on the 3 day weekend!!

    B - Oatmeal with pecans
    S - PB&J Sandwich
    L - Chicken wrap w/ low-fat cheese
    S - Leftover beef stir fry, brown rice
    D - Sushi!!

    E - Worked out w/ personal trainer.
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  • So happy it's Friday.... and  a holiday weekend!!!

    B: WW toast w/ slice banana, half of a grapefruit
    S: Nectarine
    L: Depens, either a lunch date out w/ the FI, or some santa fe style black beans and rice
    S: Mini Clif bar, if needed
    D: Soup and salad, --have to keep it light for tomorrow

    E: None :\\ I have to b up around 4:30 for a driver skills day tomorrow, so I will be getting ready for that and going to bed around 8 tonight.

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  • B: Eggs fried in butter, bacon
    L: Left over ginger chicken stir-fried with onions and celery (from thai food last night)
    D: Not sure, we're going out to eat in Portland I think

    E: No plans today, just walking around
  • B: Breakfast burrito
    L: Chef salad with FF ranch
    S: Air popped popcorn
    D: Chicken cooked in salsa, with black beans and brown rice
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  • Super late, as usual, but better late than never!

    B- toast and one scrambled egg
    L- smart one, a cup of yogurt and my weakness, dt mt dew
    D- 3 slices of homemade pizza

    E- lower body strength training and 20 minute jog
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