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How often?

How often do you work out and what do you do? 

Re: How often?

  • I walk to work (40 mins) and home about 3 x a week.  Then I bike the other days.

    I run 3 x a week outside (on the weekend or right after work, before dinner).  I'm up to 6kms now but I started out doing 20 mins/3kms.

    I lift weights/body weight 3x week for 30 mins (Usually at work on break).  I have a 5kg weight I keep in the lunch room.  One day I do chest and arms, the next day I do core, then the last day I do legs (I don't run on the day I do legs).

    After doing this for 3 months, walking to work just seems like part of my life, not exercise.  It's just how I go to work now.  Running is an easy "go-to" exercise for when I need to blow off steam and forget the day at work.  It's more like therapy for me now.  The weight training is the only thing I have to make myself do and find the time for.
  • I do at least s little something every day

    Monday Wednesday, & Friday: 20 minute run, 1 hour walking on incline, dance
    Tuesday Thursday: walk on incline, heavy chores (scrub floors, windows)
    Saturday: yardwork-i pushed the mower manually,  It took about an hour
    Sunday: Take a nice walk with my H or something else that's pleasant

    It seems to be working well for me thus far.
  • I struggle setting specific days up with specific exercises but here is what I shoot for:

    Minimum 4 days per week of working out at the gym.  At least 3 cardio workouts and 3 strength training.  Also, yoga for at least 1hour per week. 

    With it getting warmer I keep meaning to make time to go to the driving range or play 9 holes of golf on days I am not at the gym.
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  • I try for 5-6 days a week. I take group fitness classes, like spin or Body Attack, twice a week, or I might run on those days. The other 4 days, FI and I do P90X together.

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  • I walk about two miles every day just getting to and from work.

    I try to run three times a week, but lots of things get in the way of that - mostly weather, drinking enough water, and my hunger levels :-)
  • At least 6 days a week.  Typically I would work out 5 or 6 days and give myself a day or 2 to rest but with the wedding just around the corner I've been upping my workouts.

    I aim for 45-60 min of cardio either running or elliptical.  I also do 30 day shred 2 - 3 times a week but I really need to get more weight lifting involved because my dangly arms are my problem area.

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