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Frustrated and Looking for Motivation

Hi Ladies!

I haven't been on this board much so to tell  you about myself, I'm getting married mid October to my middle-school sweetheart and could not be more excited....however, we're 5 months away and have been engaged for 9 months and I'm frustrated with myself/body!

I ran cross-country and track in high-school (graduated HS in '04) and I look back at those pictures and my face was much thinner, maybe a little too thin...but I want to feel fabulous on my wedding day!  I currently am running (on average) 4 days a week and hitting up the gym 3 days a week. 

I had a personal trainer at my gym and then he transferred and I got another and she I've been very frustrated with the lack of consistancy so I've decided to saving my remaining pre-paid sessions (12) until closer to the wedding, as I'm in week 2 of training for a halg marathon (my first!) at the beginning of August.

I feel like my exercise is decent, my sleep averages about 7 hrs per night and diet is okay, but could be improved.  It's difficult b/c I live with FI and he literally does not eat any veggie (or anything green).  As for the rest of my diet, I don't drink soda and limit myself to one cup of coffee a day.  I eat breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and go to bed usually 3 hrs after with no to minimal snacking.

I've lost about 10 pounds since last September, but my body fat is still at 23% (it was 25% when we got engaged).  I don't want to obesess over weight, but I would like to get my body fat below 20%.

Any suggestions/words of wisdom? Ideas for meals that I could easily make and add veggies for me and keep plain for FI?

Re: Frustrated and Looking for Motivation

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    I lot of Mexican is easy to make w and w/o veggies.... Fajitas, tacos, etc.  Plus, salsa is great with the tomatos, etc, and it's not usually recognized as a vegetable!  ;)
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    Thanks for the heads up...salsa is my favorite dressing since it's yummy and better than a lot of others.  Excited to scope out the board for more tricks and tips! Thanks!
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    If you ran cross country in high school, why not go back to those roots and try running outside instead of just sticking to a gym. I can run for 2+ hours outside but half an hour of a treadmill drives me crazy. Working outside lets me workout much longer. Especially if I have good trails.
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    I used to run track and cross in highschool/college as well! But once I graduated took a hiatus. I started up again about 4 months ago after a 2 year hiatus and about 20lbs+, to get in shape for my upcoming wedding as well.

    I think the easiests results came from simply cutting down my alcohol consumption to no beer and probably only 2 glasses of wine a week. I used love a beer or glass of wine after work. Tough at first but you get used to it. Once I dropped the alcohol I lost about 10lbs in 4 weeks.

    In addition I'm running about 4-5 days a week for a total of 30-36 miles. I have 2 w/o usually 4-6x400m or 8-10x200m for one w/o and 2-3x1600m or 4-6x800m for the other. I do my usual track drills and strides before every workout and after every non workout day run (A's, B's, butt kicks etc. One my non-workout days I run about 30-45 minutes with one long run that is usually 55-65 min. I also do push-ups and different core excercises.

    In terms of foods, I try to cook dinners myself and use fresh ingredients. I stay away from pasta, eats lots of fish and lean cuts of meats, and chicken. I try to have half the plate greens and veggies, quarter plate protien, quarter plate grains/carbs (potatoes, yams or wild rice gen.).

    After 3 months I'm back down to where I was.
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