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Getting in Shape

Friday New Member!

I've been lurking for a bit, but I just wanted to introduce myself. I am getting married in August and I'm trying to get in shape for the wedding. I'm not overweight by any measure whatsoever and I'm actual quite happy with my size. However, I have very little muscle tone anymore and I'm looking to tone up for the wedding- specifically, arms and abs.

 I used to be very athletic and waitress part time, so I was always toned. Then came grad school and a desk job. I still ate well and worked out sporadically, so I managed not to gain weight, but now there are jiggles around my triceps and thighs that didn't used to be there before, and I have a soft "pooch" under my belly button.   

So I've been trying to exercise regularly and get toned. I do the p90x cardio and yoga workouts, but not on the p90x schedule. I try to vary my cardio and do yoga every other day (so alternating days cardio and yoga during the week). I also do 30 pushups and 30 tricep dips every day (for about 10 days now).  

I'm 5'3" with a petite frame and weigh about 115-118- I don't even own a scale so I'm not sure. I don't care about the number or losing weight, I just want to replace the flab with muscle.

I'm looking to this board to stay inspired and motivated. I figure if I can't get in tip-top shape now, It won't be any easier later when I have kids and a job with longer hours and a junk food loving husband! 

Also, I have a Bachelor's in dietetics, although I switched careers and never did the internship required to get licensed as an R.D. But if I give any kind of nutritional advice, that's my foundation of knowledge.


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