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Off day = off the bandwagon (bit of a rant)

only for today, I hope! (sorry this is long)

We got a notice yesterday saying we wouldnt have any water in our apartment from 9am until aprox. 4pm.. for some reason this just really through my day off!  Right now there are certain times I go to the gym (between 1pm and 3pm) because otherwise it is really busy and I am lucky to get a treadmill, nevermind any of the other equipment I generally use.. the water being off means I cant come home and shower, so I never ended up going this afternoon.
Next plan - go after dinner.
WELL.. I am doing dishes because we FINALLY have water again, and I am getting dripped on... at first I am blaming FI for not wiping up the water (from turning on the tap to fast and air bubbles causing water to go everywhere!).. then I look up, and my ceiling is turning brown from the leak! ... Now that is frustrating, all day without water, because it was turned off to fix a leak.. and my ceiling is leaking!..
I call it in, they say they will page the on call guy... I come into my living room and notice that its not only in my kitchen ceiling, my walls are leaking! anyways, Im going off topic here....
I now have to wait for the maintance guy - who by the way takes an hour and a half to show up - and can't go to the gym like I had planned.

to top it all off, I went to startbucks today and got a caramel machiatto (sp).. AND a super unhealthy dinner - soft taco bake with sour cream and salsa...

I guess the good thing is, I feel super gross from poor decisions today and will hopefully make up for it tomorrow...

sorry for this turning out to be longer than I intended..  the events of today just have me irritated.

Re: Off day = off the bandwagon (bit of a rant)

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    Don't worry about having one day off.  Things happen.  And don't worry about having some Starbucks and tacos because your body sometimes needs a change and variety in your foods/workouts. Your body quickly adjusts to what you have been doing... Changing it up tricks your body and you will end up losing more weight in the next few days.  

    When I have been doing great in my weight loss, I have a day to reward myself and take it easy for a day or two when I overworked my body.  

    Stay positive!  You will get back on track!
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    I'm sorry about all the leaks and the water!  That sucks.

    You had an off day and it's totally allowed!  Don't beat yourself up.  I bet that caramel machiatto and tacos tasted great, didn't it?  Hehe.

    Jump back on the wagon today and keep going.  One meal doesn't make or break your progress - remember that :)
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    Does your gym not have showers? The few times our water went off, I purposely went to the gym before work (when I couldn't normally go) just to be able to use their showers (hot water)!

    Don't get down about 1 bad day. One day is the grand scheme of things is nothing!
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    Thanks ladies! The machiatto and tacos definatly did taste really good!
    I am pretty sure the gym has showers, I just have no idea where *lol*
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