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Finally kickin' it in gear.

So, for a year now I've gotten in shape and stopped a million times. Now, I've joined Nutrisystem and should be recieving everything in a couple of days. I think it will work for me because everything is in proportion and custom to what I should be eating. And for about a week I've been doing Billy Blanks taebo (it's so hard). I hope to continue with this game plan (it's the first time I've had a game plan). I'm also thinking about joining a gym but idk if I wanna work out in front of people. I'm hoping to lose 15-20 pounds.

Re: Finally kickin' it in gear.

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    First off... congrats on making the decision to get in gear & make a game plan. I know it isn't easy to stick with a plan for extended periods of time but it does help to keep a journal & a clear view of your goal. You can always post here to keep yourself accountable of staying on track. We will keep you motivated  =)

    About the gym, I'm like you I'm not too comfortable with working out in front of other people... especially if I have to go alone. Believe me I tried. I decided to go for P90X. I love it! I'ts like having your very own personal trainer & since the workouts change you don't really have a chance to get bored.

    Good Luck!!

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