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Injury vent!

So i have just started my wedding diet and got back into the gym this weekend. I took my first group class in years yesterday, a bootcamp class at 24hr Fitness and completely hyper extended my left knee. I cannot even walk on my left leg and I am headed to the dr's today to get it checked out.  I blame the 500 jumping jacks we did. I googled the injury and they said it can take 2-4 weeks to heal. i can't imagine being immobile for that long.

im so frustrated by this, but think that it will probably make me appreciate my health once its healed and that will motivate me to hit the gym when i get lazy. 

Re: Injury vent!

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    I injured my knee a few months ago and im still not 100% - you learn to deal. Do upper body weights as much as you can, find out if you can swim in the mean time and then what workouts you can slowly work into. I found rowing took a lot of pressure off my knee, as does biking.

    Good luck at the docs.
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    Thanks Nebb.  I will definately have to be more creative with my workouts and will focus on weights. I will miss the elliptical (my fav) and all the cardio machines that have individual tv's.
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    That's so frustrating! Good luck with your recovery, hope it turns out to be less than you think.
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    Ask the doc if low impact exercises are ok such as the elliptical or the bike to help you get your cardio and lower body exercise.
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