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Re: TGIF WW Accountability

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    Yay! It's Friday!!! I'm going to IKEA with some of my besties (and bridesmaids) tomorrow to get a few items for the house. Yay!

    B: hard boiled egg + egg white (2), 1 slice whole wheat toast (.5), ff vanilla yogurt (1), 1/2 c raspberries (0), 1 T flaxseed (0), nonfat chai latte (4)
    S: berry smoothie (2)
    L: whole wheat (1), 3 oz turkey (1), lettuce (0), dijon (0), pear (1)
    S: 2 ham roll ups (2)
    D: grilled tilapia (2.5), 8 asparagus spears (0), 1/2 c brown rice (2), skinny cow ice cream sandwich (2)

    Total: 21
    Target: 27
    WI: Tomorrow
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    Ugh.  Basement flooded with sewer water last night and then once ours drained we went to go help friends-the wife was home alone with the two little kids while the husband was gone on business.  They had sewer water up to the shin.  Then they came to sleep at our house because DH turned the power off at their house for safety reasons and it was crazy hot so AC was definitely needed.  Needless to say eating healthy went down the tubes.  We got back to our house late and sat around and drank sangria, ate ice cream cake and pasta salad and b!tched about the City of Milwaukee sewer system.  Sorry, rant over.

    B: more ice cream cake (yeah I know-horrible) (5?)
    L: pasta salad (5)
    D: probably steak (6) cucumber salad (0) and more sangria (4)  maybe some more ice cream cake (5)

    Total: 25
    Target: 21

    E: shop vac-ing wet carpeting and bleaching the drywall in the basement.  Also bleaching both pairs of running shoes that got soaked in sewer water. 
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    Wow... I'm so sorry, Katie! That definitely sucks. :(

    By the way, when are you starting P90X again?
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    Thanks!  I'm just tired and cranky today.  I need some sleep.  I was planning on starting Monday but before then I have to come up with clean, usable running shoes.
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    I've decided that I'm going to start the Lean program on Sunday & I've invited my H to join me if he wants. He's thinking about it. :)
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    Nice!  Then we can commiserate.  I think it's really gonna kick my behind, especially the first week or two until I get used to working out that much again.  I'm excited about it!  Now I'm off to search the internet for a cheap new pair of my running shoes.
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