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sorry, probably been asked but...Good couples exercise?

Don't say sex.

About us...We live in Oregon, and don't have the money for gym memberships at this point. We both have access to weights, but we really need to do general cardio and lots of fat burning before we even begin to show if we're toned whatsoever. (I know, well-rounded workouts are better. So just pretend we're lifting weights already :P)

Do you have any tips or ideas? It was beautiful weather this last week, but our parents jumped on it and we were helping them with their projects so we didn't hike or anything, like we normally would. Now the rain is back and we keep saying we'll walk one of the high school or middle school tracks (MS is be me, HS is by him) together after he's off work in the evening...but we're both pretty tired and unmotivated by then :(

Things in my mind are also tough because I'd love to cook together and pre-prepare food for the week, but we don't have our own place right now and it's kind of impossible at the moment to actually get kitchen access at a time we both have free.

Oh, and I love ice cream.
Any suggestions?

Re: sorry, probably been asked but...Good couples exercise?

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    Tennis and yoga are great ideas! We definitely don't mind being out in the rain, I just need to remind myself that I will feel great once I'm actually out there doing it.
    We try to bike, but my bike is incredibly messed up, so that's out for the time being.

    Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!
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