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Thursday accountability

I'm not sure I'm qualified to start this thread since I'm not eating normally, but here goes:
B: Banana, tea & bolthouse fruit smoothie
L: Saltines & sweet potato babyfood (stage 2, I'm growing up so fast!)
D: Might try for a salad, otherwise toast & more babyfood.
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Re: Thursday accountability

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    Is the babyfood staying down?  Feeling any better? 

    I'm back at work today, and actually managed to finish up yesterday ok.  I got in a work out (which actually made me feel better) and ate a decent dinner.

    B: PB Banana shake w/ protein powder and skim milk, coffee w/ skim milk.
    S: 1% cottage cheese w/ raisins
    L: Tuna sandwich on pumpernickel w/ 1/2 cucmber and tomoato salad
    S: TBD, going to a coworkers parent's funeral
    D: Turkey sausages and some form of vegetable.

    E: rest day, but probably shoveling.
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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    Things are slowly getting back to normal. I had a nice fever last night and it broke this morning so I'm hoping this is the beginning of the end. :) Thx for keeping an eye out raynes.
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    Glad you're feeling better Raynes!  It took me almost a week to get over it *blah!*

    B - Rasin bread and yogurt
    L - Red soup, WW pita and cantalope
    D - Baked chicken with steamed veg and baked potato

    E- 30 min swim

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    I hope everyone starts to feel better/stays better! Raynes - I'm impressed you got a workout in yesterday!

    B: Yogurt with granola
    L: Veggie burger on sandwich round
    S: Strawberries with cool whip free
    D: Healthy chicken pot pie (yum!) - I found the recipe on and it has less than half the fat and calories of normal chicken pot pie!

    E: tennis, stretches for my knees, maybe a little yoga
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    this stomach bug is rampant--ugh I hope you all feel better soon!

    B- 2 eggs, 2 slices wheat toast, 1/2 slice cheese, coffee
    S- yogurt, grapes
    L- same as breakfast minus the coffee, and add a bit of chickpea salad
    S- pb protein shake with light silk
    D- prob grilled chicken salad
    E- back (on my brandy new multi-gym) and 30 min elliptical

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    B: whole wheat toast w/ PB, banana, coffee
    S: protein shake
    L: turkey meatloaf, steamed veggies
    S: greek yogurt w/ protein powder, apple
    D: tbd, running errands after work so probably Subway

    E: P90X Kenpo (kickboxing)
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    B - steel cut oatmeal with berries and pecans
    S - carrots and light ranch
    L - chipotle corn bisque and mized berries
    S - luna bar
    D - asian night - cucumber wontons, vegetable pot stickers and mixed greens with sesame dressing.
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    b - kashi oatmeal, banana
    l - SO rice and beans
    s - apple, string cheese
    d - tbd - either turkey sandwich from cosi, or chicken and veggies at home
    s - tea, popcorn

    e - 4 fast miles walking dvd (i really don't think this is doing much for me.  can't wait for the snow to melt so i can run outside again!)
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    Im new at this but I find that I got to stat somewhere..

    B-oatmeal with 1/2 banana
    L- veggie soup & turkey on wheat w/mustard.
    S- Special K snack bar
    D- TBD

    E- 30DS

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    B- One slice of wheat toast with one egg, 1/2 of a 100% juice Trader Joe's mango smoothie
    S- Apricot dried fruit bar
    L- Subway 6 inch veggie sub with provolone, applesauce, rest of mango smoothie
    S- Fage 2% yogurt with strawberry
    D- Whole wheat penne with sauteed zuchinni, a dash of spicy olive oil, and a little parmesan

    E- One hour "group power" weightlifting class at the gym
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    b - fiber bar
    l - california roll
    s - orange
    d - shrimp, asparagus, quinoa, skim milk
    s - plum, graham cracker

    e - 30DS, last chance workout

    I ran out of my beloved soy pitas yesterday, so I had nothing to bring for lunch today and ended up buying a sub-par california roll. Oh well. It's been a stressful week, and I find myself looking forward to workouts more as the stress gets worse, which is new for me :-)
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    Yay happy feeling better!!

    B: lite & fit yougurt
    L: turkey & swiss on wheat, apple, coke zero
    S: fiber one bar
    D: leftover pasta w/ shrimp & red sauce

    E: awesome 20 min intense cardio interval training, 30mins of weights, focusing on arms & abs
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    B - Ginormous smoothie - banana, strawberries, greek yogurt, honey, almond milk and protein powder
    L - Buffalo chicken wrap - not a good dinner but I ducked into the first place I saw to get out of the snow/rain
    D - cheese and crackers, grapes
    S - cucumber juice, tea

    E - depends on when I get back from class, but hopefully 30 DS or a pilates/arms workout
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