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Does you guys have your answers in docs?

I really applaud you all that are common posters here. Because after a couple of weeks of seeing the same questions and posts, I just got annoyed and felt I wouldn't be nice in my reply to those that don't look to see who has posted about the same thing they are just going to write about. 

Do you ladies have a whole document where you copy and paste the answers? I've been on many boards where there was a woman that knew the answer to practically every question and she would whip out a huge response to help others (and this was a weight-loss board).

BTW, you girls are awesome!
~* Diana *~ ~* October 9, 2010 *~



Re: Does you guys have your answers in docs?

  • That would be a smart idea, but I usually just type it all out again.  This board requires much patience. 
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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  • I go in phases - I'll post a lot and then not for a while.  Right now I'm sick so I'm reading the board.  I don't have all of the answers so often I won't respond.  But like Raynes, when I do respond, I just type it all out.  Much of what I type is from personal experience.  
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