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Arch issues

So I've recently been getting back into the swing of things in regards to working out and I've noticed that I can barely make it through a 20 minute routine without the arches of my feet hurting so bad. My shoes are broke in and they are cross trainers from Under Armour so I don't really think it's my shoes that are a problem. I've never had this issue before and I was just wondering if anyone had any helpful hints. Thanks everyone!
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Re: Arch issues

  • It doesn't matter what brand your shoes are if they're not the right shoes for you.  Do you have flat feet?  it sounds like you need some extra arch support.  You can get inserts for your shoes for less than $10 at Target/Walmart/Walgreens/CVS, etc.

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  • My advice is take your old broken in shoes (prior to getting the cross trainers) into a athletic shoe store like a running store and tell them what kind of training you are doing and ask them to recommend some shoes.  They will look at how your old shoes were worn and your feet and determine if you need something stability, a high arch, flat feet, etc and then will make recommendations based off that.  A GOOD shoe store will give you recs in both the high and lower price range.  A good pair of shoes can cost a lot of money and can really be worth it but if all they are recommending are the $140 pair...then go somewhere else.  They should give you options and let you decided if you want to spend the money.

    Also...try getting a tennis ball and rolling it under the sole of your feet with some moderate pressure.  Do this a couple of times a day and it should help too!
  • i agree with pp. I had a lot of trouble with mine when I started running so I went into our local running store. He explained to me why he was putting in the arches he was and not just telling me to go get some at target. I highly recommend doing the same otherwise you may just be wasting time and money on a wrong insert.
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    These were my problems exactly. My father has flat feet and I discovered that I have very low arches. I feel more comfortable walking around barefoot or in flats all day than anything with a heel or arches.

    I first discovered that I was buying my workout sneakers a half size too big, so they were slipping and the arches were in the wrong place. So I went to Lady Footlocker, told the woman what type of shoes I was looking for (running/cross training) and she showed me a few pairs and recommended some insoles for extra support.

    She did mention to me that your shoes original insoles will wear out within 2-3 months.

    So make sure you have the right size, the right support (insole and shoe-type) and that you aren't making them too tight that it hurts or too loose that it slips.
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