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shin pain on one leg?

good morning :)

I have started walking (4mph on the highest incline) on the treadmill for about 30-40 minutes Monday-Friday. The first 2 weeks my only issues were blisters, but they have finally healed and I was no longer having any issues with the treadmill until this week! I have a horrible stabbing pain in the middle of my right shin that is only there when I'm on the treadmill and it sucks! I had to get off after 20 minutes today because I couldn't take it anymore.

I did break my right foot 2 years ago and I have flat feet in general. I think I have pretty supportive shoes with a nice arch but I'm only having this pain on the right leg. It sucks!

I love the treadmill because I feel that I burn so many calories in a much shorter time compared to the bike or elliptical.

I've heard of shin splints but I'm fairly new to working out and am wondering if you ladies have any suggestions?

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Re: shin pain on one leg?

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    It sounds like shin splints to me. If you have someone that can help you stretch, you can do this:
    sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you.
    Have the person push and then pull on the tops of your feet so that it's like flexing and then pointing them.

    That should help a little. You should also ice them.
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    That sounds like shin splints. I have them in both legs from doing Insanity. The only way to fix them is to take a 2 week or longer break from excercise and when you return to excercising make sure you warm up and stretch properly ecspecially your calf muscles. Also, make sure you have good tennis shoes. I'm just trying to push through the pain because my wedding is in 117 days and I want to be down at least 10 pounds.

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    agreed. more than likely it's shin splints. it's because your legs are just not used to the motions you've been putting them through, and especially for as long as you've been doing it. it sucks but you need to give yourself a break and invest a good bit of time into stretching your leg muscles - a lot.

    in addition to the stretch johnchrissy mentioned, you can also try stair stretches: step on the bottom step of any stairwell (with a banister) and face the steps. put your toes to the end of the step so just the ball of your foot remains, and your heels hang off. dip your heel as far as you can downward, stretching your calves. then bring your heels back to level, and plant your toes down as you bring your heels above level, stretching the other muscles in your lower leg.

    icing them every day will help as well. since you only have pain in one leg now, i would expect that if you'd continue working out through the pain that you'd be just as sore in the other leg very soon, so treat them both as if they're sore. feel better soon!
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    My FI is a physical therapist and he always advise to lay off activity like this for 2 weeks. Listen to PP! It will help alleviate the symptoms. After 2 weeks, try the elliptical (there are various ones) and they will also help you burn calories especially if you combine incline and resistance. Hope you feel better!
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    Be careful, I always had shin splints from gymnastics and track in high school.  I ice, stretched, etc etc and worked through the pain.  By my senior year, they got so bad I went to the Dr and found out they had turned into pretty severe stress fractures.  I could barely walk for weeks and then couldn't run for an entire year.  I would definitely recommend low impact activities until they feel better, don't push it too hard. 

    Also, I would go to a specialty running shoe store.  They will look at how you run/walk and suggest a shoe with the correct amount of support in the right place.  I replace my shoes at least every 6 months. 

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    thanks for all the tips! 

    2 weeks?? That seems like so long!
    Do you guys have any suggestions for other types of cardio I could do in the meantime? (besides swimming)

    I'm a complete idiot and haven't really been stretching before working out- now I'm paying for it. damnit! 

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    I would definitely suggest cycling, you could maybe try yoga too - that always seems to give me a decent workout.  I've also done "swimming" indoors when I don't have access to a pool - I know it sounds crazy, but it's still an awesome workout. :)
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    what is "swimming" without  a pool?? i'm intrigued! 
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    lol - sorry, I forgot to explain that...A personal trainer that I had a long long time ago suggested it and I thought he was absolutely nuts ;) 

    You basically lay on the floor on your stomach, then raise the opposite arm and leg (so right arm, left leg) off the floor then you switch (left arm, right leg)...You just keep alternating like you would be swimming.  And you keep everything off the floor at all times (both arms and legs) :)  

    I actually found it pretty difficult at first, but I found it to be a decent burns after a while - lol
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    butting in - i want to try that dry swimming thing!
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    You can do the eliptical, since there is no impact wich is how this started in the first place.  Just make sure you keep ice massage it after you are done.  When it feels good again, I would start out a little slower pace.  If you were going that fast on the hightest incline, it sound as though you were overstriding wich is one of the main causes of shin splints. 
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